Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 13: Small impact Big Problems

At the Slave Collector’s house most of the slaves run free except for one, Huxley opts to stay back and guard the place in case we need a place to hide out afterwards.

Tav, Vor, and Grunt a former slave ‘boy’ make their way to the palace.

Before Tav could speak the king percieves their minds and finds out their real plans as the group rush to attack Captain Slow Death and free the half Ugle daughter.

Eventually subdued the party find themselves dropped into a pit with the ugle daughter as food for the king’s pet.

The half Ugle finds a place to hide ubscuring herself soon after Tav frees her wings. Vor rummages through the refuse and finds ‘two god damn stones?’. Tav finds a length of Heavy Chain and the grey tentacle beast, not what we expected to see of a grey martain loomed closer.

Tav spots the jewel in the beast’s head similiar to the crown. Grunt pops the creature in the head two with the ‘God Damn Stones’ showing small stones sometimes are just the right thing as it shatters the gem. This melts the King’s brain and the creature goes besserk.

We get our things and ask the half Ugle to go to the ship. We make our way there on foot after picking up Huxley. Vor does some field medic healing on the group as they chase down the Captain.

An ambush turns into a waiting contest with three pirate ships which the party opts to just bail on in the middle of the hide and seek combat amidst clouds. They jump onboard as a last minute effort and find themselves reaching deeper and deeper into the newly relaunched city state destroyer ship to find the key to saving their city, and settling a score with an old pirate.


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