Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 09: A City Undivided

One city with no crime and a common goal they all work together sounds like a great idea. If you get it by controlling the minds of the masses and are trying to kill people that go against your grander scheme… not so much. The adventurers persuaded their way in Vor giving proof he was himself by being the same old crotchy man he was. After being let in Tav was yelling for Huxley to bar the door as a new mob amassed outside.

For the most part the family owning the inn took to either getting ready for an escape or fighting on the wall to protect their home. Huxley ended up fighting next to Tav defending the inn as the doors were bashed open. Scarlet took down attackers climbing her side of the wall and Vor now enraged from not gettig in a good night sleep took to the other side of the wall dropping foes with blade and gun. Clearing his side and making his way to Scarlet we watched as in a blind rage Huxley bashed everyone around him including Tav before he was almost downed.

Vor sighed since it seemed typical young people behavior to get in too deep. Leaping from the top of the guard wall down off the door remains he landed boots first on one of the attackers on Huxley seeing their ride ready he ordered a retreat in as he cut down more of the attackers giving Tav and Huxley breathing room to recover. One of the inn keepers sons fell and was dragged to the vechile. With the last of the attackers downed and more on the way the adventurer and inn owners’ family piled into the vehicle or onto beasts of burden to escape.

2 XP awarded


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