Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 07: Not My Problem

Choice, the decisions one makes in a dangerous lifestyle is a gamble at each junction. Each choice may not be of an immediate life and death situation but each door opened is another closed. One reaps dangerous rewards… or hardships from these choices in the long run one doesn’t remember the the average choice but the great results and the horrific follies, that is what is remembered two sides of the extreme. One’s decisions can not be undone and eventually all choices good or bad come to a head. Some say decisions change in a group of adventurers depending on the people, as one leaves another falls into their place but the difference changes to group and their comfort zone.

The party having gotten most of the ship set up and the baak shell attach still needed a few things, artillary and a crew. The first they had found word of getting but they needed to pull in one last job to get the deal done. Signing up as a bodyguard detail for a caravan the trip up to a waypoint village goes uneventfully. The hard part was getting the carvan unloaded into storage which was accomplished by the newest member Huxley a ape of the whiteman tribes (we weren’t sure which) looking for more meaning in his life then just simple manual labor. Although from the looks of it he was exceptionally good at it. Vor and Tav found themselves getting the deal done for filling the water tanks while Scarlet had spirited herself off with a newly purchased rifle and strong spirits to drink a dangerous combination in her hands.

Vor had gone to be ealry after mediatating the others declared a boring night except for Scarlet who just giggled mischeviously making the other wonder what she had been up to. No word or sounds of shooting in the night had been reported.

2 XP awarded


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