Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Let me tell you a tale Child

“Come hither Child, much is not known of the history of the ancients and few and far between are the tales of the fantastical, the majestic, of heroes. Tale that inspire the people in these trying times. The land lies dormant after millennia of war and disaster. Some say it lies sleeping others say slowly dying. What I tell you isn’t a tale of heroes. It’s a tale of people who simply lived their lives; that in it of itself though makes them a little bit special and unique in these waking moments of chaos, strife, and terror. For their simple actions shaped our world.

Ask yourself Child what really makes a hero? Is it that they do or don’t do right… wrong… good… evil… in each of us is the capacity to decide what drives our actions. That path intertwines like the great canals of the empire weaving the tapestry of what was and what will be connecting us all. So what is it, then, that makes some choose selflessness, the need to devote themselves to something greater, while others know only self-interest? Isolating themselves in a world of their own making, ignoring the monolith that is reality as it comes crashing down? Some seek love, even if only unrequited, while others are driven by fear and betrayal, some seek hope and salvation, others redemption for a dark past. There are those who see their choices as dark proof of God’s absence while others follow a path of noble destiny. But in the end, right, wrong, good, or evil…what we choose is never what we really need. For that is the ultimate cosmic joke, the real gift is that we were left behind. We survive.

Come Child let me tell you a tale."

Tale 1: Priestess from the Waterlands
24 May Session 1

This tale starts out like many other stories do with the gathering of people. They were bound by honor, curiosity, or seeking fame. Little could prepare them for what lied ahead or with dealing with each other. But as tales go this one was lined with peril and misfortune. All the makings for a good story of adventure.

Tales 02: Tracking Greenmen in a Sand Storm

The adventurers had remembered now that the planet and her creatures were cruel from their last encounter with the Thresh and found themselves tracking the nomad tribe in search of the Merchant’s Daughter and possibly greenmen. Even with the tracks and general direction of the brutish savages finding them in a sandstorm would be heard even for the hodge podge group of intrepid travellers. What they found was that the cruelist creatures of the planet seemed to walk on two legs…

Tale 03a: Into the Deep
Mini session from 07 June 2013

The party had seen better days but they had survived, some might consider in the worse for the wear but they were still alive. With most of the party wounded though they rushed to the aid of the Malora at a more cautious speed. They were no use to her dead or with the inability to actually save her. They would find that they might not have to dig but definitely they would have to go deep.

Tale 03b: Spider in the Hole!
Mini session from 14 June 2013

Darkness. A cruel trickster on the mind and one that can prove deadly in even the most steadfast adventurers and heroes, for darkness can lead one to fear and doubt. Sometimes it just masked the danger child that one cannot see. If one is lucky sometimes it protects but not this time. Not in this tale. This tale tells of facing the darkness head on and wishing that what is in the darkness stays in the darkness.

Tale 04: Lost Eggs and Girls hidden in Sand Storms

Sacrifice, a great peril to all adventurers. They leave the mudane life where they are most likely to die of old age or disease to adventure through a life filled with danger which few see through to a point they can retire from. Sacrificing what one holds valuable in life for what seems to be doing the right thing shows true heroism.

Tale 06: Picking up the Kids

A mother’s love, few things are stronger in the world that a feeling like this. They will fight and do the unspeakable in the name of saving their children, even kill the very saviors that save them. The saviors wouldn’t know the feeling of connection, that bond a parent has to their child. The mother knows not the fury of the savior either until that line is cross and nothing can be undone.

Tale 07: Not My Problem

Choice, the decisions one makes in a dangerous lifestyle is a gamble at each junction. Each choice may not be of an immediate life and death situation but each door opened is another closed. One reaps dangerous rewards… or hardships from these choices in the long run one doesn’t remember the the average choice but the great results and the horrific follies, that is what is remembered two sides of the extreme. One’s decisions can not be undone and eventually all choices good or bad come to a head. Some say decisions change in a group of adventurers depending on the people, as one leaves another falls into their place but the difference changes to group and their comfort zone.

Tale 08: On the Run

When people think of heroes they think of them doing things, making hard decisions and taking action. What you don’t think of is them running. This tale though put our party against the town who’s population they whittled down and alined with an inempt town guard that eventually just abandoned them out of fear for their own safety.

Tale 09: A City Undivided

One city with no crime and a common goal they all work together sounds like a great idea. If you get it by controlling the minds of the masses and are trying to kill people that go against your grander scheme… not so much. The adventurers persuaded their way in Vor giving proof he was himself by being the same old crotchy man he was. After being let in Tav was yelling for Huxley to bar the door as a new mob amassed outside.


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