Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 25: The Poet Prince Part 3

Dahk having been feed up with his friends sudden change to a pompeous ass opts to forget about being his friend since he stopped listening to reason and can’t see through the obvious plots of people to blatantly use him. Dahk finally caves when his friend doesn’t show up for a few days and goes looking for them. It turns into an revealing situation with Dahk pulling his gun almost to get the truth out of a noble family. The party end up not finding much at the noble’s rivals house until Vor sees a white martian guard looking up at him and waves.


With the team going their seperate ways it’s unclear if they’re past is ‘real’ in this new world.

Dahk heads out still following the path of the gun to find someone to match him for a duel.

Nast opts to take the ship and crew and head out for other ventures either transporting cargo or fighting pirates, it was up in the air.

Tav ups to propose to his newly found girlfriend and opens a fencing school. She’s a bit shocked to meet his two kids.

The least was known about Vor besides leaving a note for his daughters telling them trying to do for them was probably foolish these past years and tells themt o go out and adventure themselves and find what they want out of life and love. Vanishing into the desserts to live the life of a hermit someplace quiet.

Tale 26: The Poet Prince Part 4

Vor ends up killing the Gorilla on it’s way up to attack him since he is an intruder. The rest of the group starts moving when someone yells they found the guy in charge. Dahk’s friend is eventually saved and after a slap to the back of the head again from Vor and Dahk saying he was glad he was safe after punching him in the face realizes we were right all along. With a bit of help at his play he reveals his birthmark to be ‘fake’ having a tatoo put over it that looks simliar. The group have dinner together one last time before they part ways.

Tale 24: The Poet Prince Part 2

After finding out how to prove the poet is alsoa prince people’s true nature of high society is revealed along with a few assassination attempts.

Tale 23: The Poet Prince Part 1

Moving into the lower ranks of high society after their last run. The group find themselves protecting one of Dahk’s friends who might actually be a prince.

Tale 22: The Green Wastes Part 2


Tale 21: The Green Wastes Part 1

While relaxing after another hectic adventure the party sees a well dressed slender man talking to a group of rough and tumble types before one stands and pushes him off. Vor noticing the bullying waves the man over after he slinks away. He offered the group another round of drinks and explains he’s looking for able bodied adventures to take on a job for Lady Partha Vong. Vor sees the recognition in Tav’s eyes from the name and Nast didn’t seem to be against the job offer. Tav pulled a bit more information out of the man being that her husband Lord Vong had up and got himself lost in the Green Wastes. He might be dead or just need help getting home. The job details could be discussed they found with Lady Partha Vong since she was here in the town of Treskador.

The thought of fighting another tribe or two of Green men had been something the group had crossed off their wish list several times. But with a bit of boredom and nothing to do, sitting idle for some adventurers makes them a bit stir crazy. They opted to find out the details. Vor figured it was about time they find out why Tav is the way he is. Tav and Dahk turn away from the conversation to see the group of rough types is looking at the man with us before leaving while staring down him down. Tav and Dahk looked at each other. Tav questioned the man on how much he told the group on the job. They didn’t seem to thrilled about the work. Vor figured they were more interested in the man’s wallet and the group look at each other mentally expecting the ambush to come in the streets once they left. They took the man up on his offer and escorted him, finding out his name was Danal

As the group starts on their path to meet up with the lady some of the rough bunch step out into the street. Nast still tipsy comments we were right and looks around and starts pointing out more of the group as they came into view. The leader stepped up hand over his sword hilt. Explaining Danal promised them some good money for a job and he wanted to make sure the guy didn’t forget and needed to pay up. It got an odd look from Danal who asked about what money he was talking about. Vor frowned slightly looking back at the rest of the group and that they were surrounded. He didn’t like it since it was getting closer to his bedtime. As the leader moved in closer his hand flexing over his sword had Tav shrugging and pulling his dueling blades. Vor pulled his swords as well sighing and explaining he needed to go to bed soon and the man didn’t probably want to do this. This caused the rough bunch to draw weapons their leader stating things didn’t have to be done hastily. Vor disagreed and stated he think they should be done hastily, he didn’t have time to flutter around this obvious shake down and he needed the man to press forward or back off either way Vor was moving on regardless. Vor told Danal this was the part where he hide behind some barrel.

The leader sized up Vor and watched the rest of the group Tav looking around and rolling his shoulders and Nast still drunk licking his lips and eyeing people to shoot his gun in his hand looking around slightly greedy to kill it seemed. Dahk doing the same. The group for the most part was use to Vor and his ‘Old man’ ways. The younger thug though eyed his scars and noticed the other weapons the man sported as well as Vor stared him down. He realized Vor wasn’t threatening him or bluffing, he was making a promise.

He stammered there was probably a misunderstanding and they needed to be going probably moving away from the group and slinking away into the shadows. The rest following suit. Tav sheathed his blades and Nast complains about having no one to shoot in the rear. Tav moves out of the line of sight.

Refreshments and food were brought when most of the team besides Vor indulges. Lady Vong goes into the details of the job and flirts with Dahk. We agree to find Panal who went off to find a few trinkets that a couple of servants had stolen once they had moved from the Baltinese empire to this town to expand their holdings. Dahk agrees to give her the additional comfort and consoling package as well after the party agree to meet on the ship the next morning. Dahk showed up all smiles and bright eyed. Sanal showed up haggard, he probably wasn’t part of the package getting comfort or consoling.

The trip seemed to be going just fine with the party relaxing on the deck until Sanal screamed when a large bird picked him up off the deck and started carrying him off. Vor mentioned you don’t see that every day before he yelled out dinner was getting away with their charge. Dahk spattered the other bird only to hear Vor complain it didn’t shoot it down over the ship and not to do that with Sanal’s bird. Nast manuered the ship under the bird before Dakh took another shot causing the bird to shift directions before recovering. The party saw another ship in the distance and it was clear the bird wasn’t going to drop him just yet to eat him. Eith Vor running to the bow of the ship and Dahk taking another bow shot before moving to the Stern. With the bird falling to the deck and Sanal falling on top of Dahk Tav pointed at the other ship and said to Nast to get us in boarding distance since he was bored.

The group took a couple shots as did the pirates without much luck until the other pilot hit an odd pocket of air careening and suddenly dropping down several meters in altitude. With the easier shot Dahk and Vor peppers the ship with Radium shots that sent it dropping again this time to the ground. Pulling up the asked Tav to assess. He said they looked okay. Vor figured they probably had enough provisions down there for the survivers to make it to a town or something so the group left.

Sanal was a bit shaken up to say the least. Vor finding out he was injured inspected the wound and spit on it saying he’d be fine by the next day. He pointed at the dinner and told him to get a hunk of meat and saver it since you rarely get the chance to eat your possible killer. Sanal was a bit taken aback but did take part in the meal. The group dined on stringy greasy free flying bird that night before moving into port at the town. The town was large but it did have sufficient walls, this close to the Green Wastes you couldn’t do without it seemed. They hear news of Red Nomads that had been extremely sucessful in driving back Green men and an archeologist who was waiting for a noble to return from the Green Wastes. Vor figuring it was not likely a lot of nobles were out this way he opted for the team minus Nast who stayed on the ship to check out the man waiting on a noble at the bar, possibly find out the tactics used to effectively kill Green Men.

The bar was easy enough to find. The man as well. Vor asked Tav if he wanted to deal with the guy to which he replied not really so Vor up and walked over to the man’s table and sat down to ask about who he was waiting for. Turned out they were looking for the same guy. He had been looking into trying to figure out a weapon found that supposedly shot pebbles with a hammer of sorts. Dahk said he’d hear tale of these strange weapons and might be able to get it to work. They agreed to take the man with them to the tribe Lord Vong had been heading towards the next day. That night they noticed what looked like a ship’s wreckage and they noticed the flag which the archeologist explained was the banner of Lord Vong’s escort ship.

A sudden sand storm put the group down about half a mile from the sight of the wreckage. Vor went below deck coming back out in what he called his dessert survival suit. Tav muttered of the old man still hanging onto it after all this time, Vor stated of course he had since he took it off the body after taking the life of the previous owner.

The party making their way through a field of rocks stopped when they noticed several Green men running towards them. The group stopped as Nast and Dahk took shots at the first few coming towards them. Vor moving up as they got closer to protect the shooters. As something came out of the ground to try and attack him. With the tentacles all around him he jumped slashing down not really doing that much to the creature before attacking the Green Men rushing him as the creature decended again. The archeologist explained the creatures couldn’t burrow through rock atop one of the many stones as the group dispatched most of the Green Men. The finally one finally seeing what happened took off running away with the group taking to the rocks except for Vor who stood still and waited. As the creature grabbed a dead body to drag underground to eat he stabbed it wiping his blades on it’s victim a fallen Green Men. Looking around he asked the group if they were ready to move on since the hostiles were all dead for the most part.

2 xp awarded.

Tale 20: Five Heads One Mind

The party waited as the Green Martian Raiders came storming down the corridor. With the possible number of reinforcements from the sounds the team was starting to have second thoughts of their ambush from magnitude of sound coming their way. Opting to check out where the tunnel in the ceiling went the group jury rig a make shift ladder of sorts out of tables and toss up a rope before hiding their escape by putting the tables back into place and shimming up the rope pulling it up behind them as the Green Martians search for them.

With the sounds underneath them subsiding the party turned on mining helmets in the pitch black of the tube and made their way along the path. Eventually they came to a door, after abit of heavy shoving the team find themselves entering a large lab area, cages and dissection tables with long since dead subjects. Seeing two knives and walking in the team find the doors slamming shut behind them and a cage coming up from the floor and a lid sliding out of the wall to surround them.

A five headed abomination makes a long speech mostly on deaf ears. The party finds the emperor although immortalized never would move or be able to think since brain activity cannot function through crystal from the speech. They also find the man tiresome and opt to just break out. An electrical storm cascades down as Vor smashes the first crystal rod of the area. The party floods out of the opening as Vor attempts to widen the area before moving out himself from the electrical prison. The scientist goes down eventually to Vor imbedding borrowed swords from the guardians in him from behind.

Green Martians rush in a while later while the group explores and searches the lab. After the dispatching of the tribe chieftain again plus his followers the group finds an elevator out leading to a secret exit. Getting back to the ship the crew and party notice the remnants of the raiders lugging treasure back to their camp. Vor suggests an air raid on the green man for a change to steal their loot for once. The party thinks about it while the ship takes off.

3XP Awarded.

Tale 19: From the Throne to the Treasure

The party scout out the debauchery path to find a side room seeing a cache of treasure, with a few statues. They opt to leave it be for later and find the main entrance the acedemics think from the sketches around the door. The party opts to move on and come back in the unlikely event they need to make a tactical. Finding out the path out is clear besides the odd metal tubing from the ceiling.

The throne room had a map of sorts on the ground and the eight guard came to life after being poked. Afterwards seeing the Green Martians stealing the party’s loot had Vor rushing a group while another group rush the rest. Surprisingly Vor didn’t get knocked out this time around. With the sound of 10s more Green Martian on the way down the path the group opts to hide in the treasure room to ambush the enemy for a change.

Tale 18: When it Ends in Death & Debauchery

Place Holder
The Adventurers opt to find the ship and heal up instead of going into the tomb injured and ill equiped.

Ambush by Green Martians and Surols

Ship repaired and party heals up

Fight with Four Armed Mechanized Guards (2)


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