Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 17: Unconscious and Evading

place holder

Tale 16: Face in the Sand

The party make it to the supposed location
They find one of the guides dead at the location
Fight two odd metal bees and a large metal worm
One bee escapes
Eventually the Metal Worm is taken down.

Party opts to sneak up on the Green Martians that have invaded their former camp site with Red Martian Captives

Silent raid turns into cluster/brawl ending with Tav surrounded on two side, Dahk looking for another target to take down and Nast wondering where Vor went while they fight the Green Martian Leader when his body hits the ground.

Tale 15: Two Worlds Collide

Pardox of the two worlds merging when the power source was put back into place.

Helping a guy find boundless treasures.

Nomad guides get hired on
Equipment is sabotaged
Go looking in the pyramids
Vor takes a bit of damage
Shooting Discs at us for traps
Secret area under an altar
Trapped stairs
Hidden door
Trapped door
High Priest sarcofigus

Went back to find door jammed
Vor goes hulk and unjars the door

Leather wrapped stone wedge

Come back
Guides are gone and so is the smart guy’s map
Vor has the men set up bunkers to see the equipment in the sand
Vor falls asleep while the rest guard the area

Tale 14: This Little Light

Light, it can bring hope it can bring inspiration, it can signal of danger but one thing people forget about light, it’s a source of energy and it can hurt. And everyone knows what can hurt you can kill you.

The party are about to run in when Tav runs into a support beam knocking himself out. Huxley ends up carrying him as the party runs accross the final catwalk to the piloting room and where the power source is. As they enter Captain Slowdeath tells them it’s too late. Vor tells them the party was there to rescue them before they end up blowing up the whole damn ship and the crew. The ship loses power and lurches before coming back on. The power source starts to glow and the area around it gets hot.

Vor incites a mutany and the Captain actually dies a quick death of being caught between a radium rifle bullet and an angry white martian’s two handed ax. After some hair raising moments the party disable the power source and take it before the ship explodes. Now with four more faithful crewmen though.

Tale 13: Small impact Big Problems

At the Slave Collector’s house most of the slaves run free except for one, Huxley opts to stay back and guard the place in case we need a place to hide out afterwards.

Tav, Vor, and Grunt a former slave ‘boy’ make their way to the palace.

Before Tav could speak the king percieves their minds and finds out their real plans as the group rush to attack Captain Slow Death and free the half Ugle daughter.

Eventually subdued the party find themselves dropped into a pit with the ugle daughter as food for the king’s pet.

The half Ugle finds a place to hide ubscuring herself soon after Tav frees her wings. Vor rummages through the refuse and finds ‘two god damn stones?’. Tav finds a length of Heavy Chain and the grey tentacle beast, not what we expected to see of a grey martain loomed closer.

Tav spots the jewel in the beast’s head similiar to the crown. Grunt pops the creature in the head two with the ‘God Damn Stones’ showing small stones sometimes are just the right thing as it shatters the gem. This melts the King’s brain and the creature goes besserk.

We get our things and ask the half Ugle to go to the ship. We make our way there on foot after picking up Huxley. Vor does some field medic healing on the group as they chase down the Captain.

An ambush turns into a waiting contest with three pirate ships which the party opts to just bail on in the middle of the hide and seek combat amidst clouds. They jump onboard as a last minute effort and find themselves reaching deeper and deeper into the newly relaunched city state destroyer ship to find the key to saving their city, and settling a score with an old pirate.

Tale 12: Out of the Darkness and into the Slave Pits

Rock slide by Ugles
Watermelon Bomb Hillside romp
Saving Turk from plant men
Trail of the Light’s location found
Sidequest free Ugle’s Daughter from his old boss (stealer of the light)
traveled to a Slaving City
Tav got two kids
We helped a Unic not get killed
He tried to poison us to get us into slavery
Severly Injured him and killed his slaver captors when they tried to nab us

Need a plan since the guy was going to meet with someone from the King’s inner circle a man we need to talk to for the Pirate Slow Death’s hideout and best option to find the Ugle King’s daughter.

Tale 11: Once more into the Darkness

Hope. A single ray of it in a sea of darkening despair shines like a beacon. But that beacon can bring with it a foreshadowing of a greater darkness a deeper despair. Many are the times adeventurers are thankful for when lucky is on their side in a gamble after the odds are stacked against them. Seldom are the times they think back to when it was easier to have gambled with just their own lives when they are faced with a dire time and a race to gamble with the lives of an entire city.

Tale 10: Losing Yourself

There are things far more dangerous for an adventurer than not knowing who they are or why they’ve made the hard and sometimes dark decisions they might have to make it’s not being able to control yourself and being the puppet literally to someone else’s whims. Where team mates fight against one another sometimes enjoying it and sometimes wavering in possible grief of killing a comrade in arms.

Tale 09: A City Undivided

One city with no crime and a common goal they all work together sounds like a great idea. If you get it by controlling the minds of the masses and are trying to kill people that go against your grander scheme… not so much. The adventurers persuaded their way in Vor giving proof he was himself by being the same old crotchy man he was. After being let in Tav was yelling for Huxley to bar the door as a new mob amassed outside.

Tale 08: On the Run

When people think of heroes they think of them doing things, making hard decisions and taking action. What you don’t think of is them running. This tale though put our party against the town who’s population they whittled down and alined with an inempt town guard that eventually just abandoned them out of fear for their own safety.


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