• NPC Aaan Val

    NPC Aaan Val

    Sexy Sky-Captain of Tomorrow
  • NPC Haden - KIA

    NPC Haden - KIA

    A Tall Wirey Man who is a Tracker hired by Lord Keldar
  • NPC Jade

    NPC Jade

    Competant and cool Captain of our transport ship
  • NPC Lord Keldar

    NPC Lord Keldar

    A Tall Regal Man adorned in robes and amulet of a Sun and Sickle
  • NPC Malora

    NPC Malora

    Lord Kalder's Daughter
  • NPC Sha Holkun

    NPC Sha Holkun

    A Red-Martian version of Sherlock Holmes with a gambling addiction and an odd behavior quirk that makes it difficult for him to win at gambling.
  • NPC Tara - KIA

    NPC Tara - KIA

    Widow looking for her lost eggs in the ruins where her husband died
  • NPC Tosk

    NPC Tosk

    Silent Green Man that follows Captain Jade like a watchful guard dog.