Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 20: Five Heads One Mind

The party waited as the Green Martian Raiders came storming down the corridor. With the possible number of reinforcements from the sounds the team was starting to have second thoughts of their ambush from magnitude of sound coming their way. Opting to check out where the tunnel in the ceiling went the group jury rig a make shift ladder of sorts out of tables and toss up a rope before hiding their escape by putting the tables back into place and shimming up the rope pulling it up behind them as the Green Martians search for them.

With the sounds underneath them subsiding the party turned on mining helmets in the pitch black of the tube and made their way along the path. Eventually they came to a door, after abit of heavy shoving the team find themselves entering a large lab area, cages and dissection tables with long since dead subjects. Seeing two knives and walking in the team find the doors slamming shut behind them and a cage coming up from the floor and a lid sliding out of the wall to surround them.

A five headed abomination makes a long speech mostly on deaf ears. The party finds the emperor although immortalized never would move or be able to think since brain activity cannot function through crystal from the speech. They also find the man tiresome and opt to just break out. An electrical storm cascades down as Vor smashes the first crystal rod of the area. The party floods out of the opening as Vor attempts to widen the area before moving out himself from the electrical prison. The scientist goes down eventually to Vor imbedding borrowed swords from the guardians in him from behind.

Green Martians rush in a while later while the group explores and searches the lab. After the dispatching of the tribe chieftain again plus his followers the group finds an elevator out leading to a secret exit. Getting back to the ship the crew and party notice the remnants of the raiders lugging treasure back to their camp. Vor suggests an air raid on the green man for a change to steal their loot for once. The party thinks about it while the ship takes off.

3XP Awarded.


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