Ashes of Triumph: A Crimson Saga

Tale 19: From the Throne to the Treasure

The party scout out the debauchery path to find a side room seeing a cache of treasure, with a few statues. They opt to leave it be for later and find the main entrance the acedemics think from the sketches around the door. The party opts to move on and come back in the unlikely event they need to make a tactical. Finding out the path out is clear besides the odd metal tubing from the ceiling.

The throne room had a map of sorts on the ground and the eight guard came to life after being poked. Afterwards seeing the Green Martians stealing the party’s loot had Vor rushing a group while another group rush the rest. Surprisingly Vor didn’t get knocked out this time around. With the sound of 10s more Green Martian on the way down the path the group opts to hide in the treasure room to ambush the enemy for a change.


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